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The Wonder of the Occident, Utah Beach, the Baie des Veys and the (duty free) Chaucey Islands - the department named after La Manche (meaning The Sleeve) is home to them all... and much more besides. The former, in case you're wondering, is Mont Saint-Michel, a fairytale fortress steeped upon a rocky islet just off the coast. Its centrepiece is a stunning medieval cathedral, complete with a spire reaching for the heavens. Saint-Lo, the capital, is another interesting sight. Extensively re-built after WWII, it's an intriguing mix of the old and the new that's now home to the National Stud Farm. A trip the seafront town of Granville is essential, merely for its municipal garden that's one of the most beautiful in all of France... well it was designed by then resident Christian Dior after all! Coincidentally, this area of the country also boasts what many call the prettiest town in the region, Coutances. Judge for yourself, but its immense gothic cathedral is worth the visit alone. The surrounding scenery is no less enchanting, alternating between sand dunes, windmills, marshes, sandy beaches, small fishing villages and pine woods - its sheer variety makes it typical Normandy. With all these surprises, Manche definitely qualifies as a destination with an ace or two up its sleeve! Where to stay in Manche is what we have for you now. All of our rooms at good prices and so convenient for you. Choose the one you want from the list below, click on the picture or the text link for more information and to check availability.

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Small picture of Citôtel Le Patton
Rooms from 57.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.00 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.00

93 Rue Constitution


Lovely place to spend a few quality days with your family. We are delighted to offer a cosy and comfortable place to stay in the countryside of Manche and close enough to beach life. Only 17km from Mont-St-Michel. Our team of professional staff will take very good care of you.

Small picture of Hôtel Restaurant des Isles
Rooms from 114.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.15 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.15

9 Boulevard Maritime


Perfect spot for that family holiday where you can spend quality time in a seaside resort that has some of the best beaches on the coast. Excellent area for fresh fish and seafood where you will find a convivial and relaxed atmosphere. We welcome all our guests warmly.

Small picture of Hotel Jersey
Rooms from 59.90 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.60 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.60

4 Rue De La Sablière


Super spot to spend quality time and enjoy all that there is on offer in Manche region. We are delighted to offer a place of comfort and charm, stylish rooms where you can totally relax and feel at home. Our helpful and caring team of staff will endeavour to assist you.

Small picture of Hôtel des Ormes
Rooms from 85.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.30 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.30

Promenade Barbey D'aurevilly


Situated in the heart of Barneville-Carteret - a popular family destination and taking in the views over the Marina. Just a 3 hour journey from cher Paris and only half an hour by ferry to Jersey - spectacular location with so much to offer all ages. We welcome you warmly.

Small picture of Logis De France L'hostellerie du Chateau
Rooms from 79.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.71 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.71

4, cours du Château.


Situated in the very heart of Bricquebec in the Contentin region of La Manche. We are delighted to offer a place of total comfort and charm where you will be made to feel most welcome. A wonderful spot for a quality holiday away from it all with options to tour the area.

Small picture of Hotel Kyriad Restaurant L'Escale
Rooms from 55.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.29 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.29

Rue du Mesnil


A pleasant place to stay and enjoy the immense nature and countryside living. We welcome you warmly to our comfortable and cosy establishment where you will find every day amenities and a friendly atmosphere. Within a couple of hours of Caen and easy access to the coastline.

Small picture of Hotel Restaurant du Chateau de Quineville
Rooms from 105.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.55 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.55

Le Chateau 18 Rue De L`Eglise, Quineville


We welcome you warmly to a place of comfort, style and elegance where you can take as little or as much time to explore the area, stop overnight as you arrive in to France or treat yourself as you leave. All the modern day amenities in beautiful ensuite rooms.

Small picture of Citotel Hôtel Beauséjour
Rooms from 49.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.15 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.15

26 Rue Grande Vallée


As you land in to France or indeed just as you are leaving, we provide that perfect spot for you to rest your head after a day of travelling. All that you require in a friendly and homely establishment where you will find a caring team of staff to serve you.

Small picture of Le Relais Saint Michel
Rooms from 44.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.95 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.95

Bp 18

Le Mont Saint Michel

Perfectly placed with one of the best views over Mont-st-Michel and the bay. We proudly present a salubrious and luxurious place to spend a quality time - short stay or longer term for that special holiday with your beau. A warm welcome from our courteous and professional team of staff.

Small picture of Les Terrasses Poulard
Rooms from 57.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.65 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.65


Le Mont Saint Michel

Delightfully medieval and enchanting as you climb the steps and enter our world of charm and elegance. We are proud to present comfortable and relaxing ensuite rooms with all the modern day amenities you could wish for. A pleasant place to spend a quality holiday in the sunshine.

Small picture of La Mère Poulard
Rooms from 60.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.80 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.80

Grande Rue

Le Mont Saint Michel

We welcome you warmly to our most delightful and carefully kept establishment. Filled with charm and proud to present a range of tasteful ensuite rooms for the discerning visitors. Something romantic and peaceful for your special stay here in Mont-st-Michel - the famous medieval city in the whole of Normandie.

Small picture of Logis De France Saint-pierre
Rooms from 85.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.10 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.10

Grande Rue.


Delightful and typical Normandie style establishment complete with comfortable ensuite rooms, tasteful decor, subtle lighting and the charm of an open air courtyard. We are happy to welcome you warmly and pleased to attend to your needs with a smile and genuine care. Super for that special holiday away from it all.

Small picture of Hôtel-Restaurant Le Fruitier
Rooms from 43.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.85 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.85

17 Rue Général De Gaulle


We welcome you warmly to our modern and charming establishment where you will find a cosy and friendly atmosphere. All the amenities in well appointed and tastefully decorated ensuite rooms. Makes a perfect base to explore Normandy - the countryside and the beaches. Wonderful for families and couples.