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Hotels Burgundy France Cheap Burgundy Hotels Guide

Eat, drink and be merry in Burgundy - home to some of the most prestigious foods and sought after wines in the world... not to mention some stunning countryside! From the gentle hills of the Cote d'Or to the immense Morvan National Park (known as the French Lake District). Burgundy, to English speakers, is capable of producing scenery that makes any meal taste even sweeter. It's aided even further by the presence of the exquisite chateaux, Romanesque churches and Norman abbeys that dot the landscape, each one a monument to a vital era in French history. The capital Dijon is the region's historic centrepiece, with more than half its buildings dating back over 200 years. It's also home to a distinct type of mustard, as famous for its strong taste as its name. Many a place here prides itself on its food however, and with good reason. Whether it's traditional coq au vin, the acquired taste of escargots, or succulent gingerbread - you'll find it here - in one of the country's top gourmet destinations. The lifeblood of Bourgogne, however, is wine; and when travelling along its picturesque country lanes, lined with vineyards bursting with plump grapes, it's hard not to have your appetite whetted. Rich soils make for the perfect conditions for such household labels as Chambertin and Chablis (to name but two), and there are, of course, hundreds of cellars to be visited and rack upon rack of produce to be sampled. If you need to stay in the French region of Burgundy this is the place to book your hotel room. All of our rooms at good prices and so convenient for you. Choose the one you want from the list below, click on the picture or the text link for more information and to check availability.

Côte d'Or | Dijon | Saone-et-Loire | Yonne | Beaune

Small picture of Hôtel et Caves des Paulands
Rooms from 90.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.70 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.70

Route Nationale 74, Ladoix Serrigny


The perfect place for that special holiday away where you can settle in and totally relax for as long as you wish. Set in the heart of the Burgundy region right in the middle of the vineyards - absolutely wonderful location! A warm and hearty welcome awaits all our guests.

Small picture of Citotel Les Jardins du Lac
Rooms from 54.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 2.98 / 5
Rated by guests as 2.98

Plan du Vallon d'Eau


Nicely nestled opposite the Autun Lake and close to the golf course. Perfect for those who wish to have a totally relaxed time, immerse yourself in nature, enjoy a few rounds and explore the heritage sites and places of interest all around. A warm welcome awaits all our guests.

Small picture of Hôtel Du Cygne
Rooms from 49.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.55 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.55

14 Rue 24 Août


We are nicely nestled just a few minutes from the centre of town, providing you with a cosy and comfortable place to stay as you pass through. All our ensuite rooms are fully equipped and rest assured give you a place to rest your weary head after a day of travelling.

Small picture of Hostellerie de la Poste
Rooms from 82.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.25 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.25

13 Place Vauban


Our most charming and pleasant residence is popular with many who love to stay in one of the best wine regions in France. We welcome you warmly and provide you with a most relaxing and luxurious choice in accommodation. Professional and dedicated staff will take very good care of you.

Small picture of Château d'Island Vézelay
Rooms from 150.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.65 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.65

Chateau d'Island


We welcome you warmly to our most exquisite and charming residence. Our 15th century castle in the Bourgogne region is the perfect place for a few romantic days with your sweetheart. We are nestled in the countryside between Avallon and Vezelay. A most restful and divine place to spend quality time.

Small picture of Hôtel de la Ferte
Rooms from 64.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.95 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.95

11 Boulevard De La Liberté


Perfect for those en route through our fabulous wine region. We are delighted to provide you with a pleasant and peaceful place to stay where you will find a most hospitable and cosy ambiance. A lovely Burgundy country house with traditional decor and all the modern amenities you will require.

Small picture of Hôtel des Allées
Rooms from 56.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.65 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.65

27 Cours Général De Gaulle


We welcome you warmly to our most beautiful town - filled with ancient streets and quint shops. Providing you with a cosy and comfortable place to stay - whether you are passing through or wishing to stay a while and discover the glorious countryside around and about.

Small picture of Hôtel Bonsai Escale Dijon
Rooms from 35.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.05 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.05

Zone d'Activités Acti Sud


A most delightful place to base yourself, just a short drive from the centre of Dijon, the former capital of Burgundy. A place of comfort and charm where you can rest your head after a long drive. A warm welcome from our dedicated and professional team of staff.

Small picture of Campanile Mâcon Sennecé
Rooms from 37.10 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.30 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.30

Espace d'Activité de Sennecé


We are ideally located just a short way out of the centre of Macon. Nicely nested in the countryside and close to many of the main attractions and sites of the main town. A warm welcome awaits all our guests and our team of dedicated and professional staff will take very good care of you.