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Welcome to the heart of wine country. The Cote d'Or (Golden Hillside) is the northeastern department of Bourgogne (or Burgundy) and is famous for producing both illustrious reds and chardonnays. It takes its name from the escarpment that runs diagonally across the department, splitting it in two. This beautiful, natural division gives the area contrasting landscapes. The north and west are characterised by dense forests and rolling agricultural fields, whereas the southeastern slopes are perfect for the vineyards. The Seine also begins its long, winding journey from this golden stretch of hills, which run for 40 miles between the city of Dijon and the town of Beaune. The southwest is an amalgamation of practically all of the region's scenery, and as a result, enjoys national park status. Rock climbing is also popular here, as is, of course, walking; and increasingly so, hot air balloon rides, to take in all of that wonderful countryside at once. A closer look is recommended when it comes to such historical treats as the Abbey of Citeaux, however. This Cistercian monastery dates from the 11th century, and is still home to monks who work on the lands and sell their produce (including the renowned Citeaux Cheese) to visitors. Another must-see attraction is located near the tiny village of Alice-Sainte-Reine. It was here in 52 BC that Vercingetorix, leader of the Gauls, made his last stand against Julius Caesar in the Battle of Alesia. The area is now an essential historical sight, complete with informative placards, which recount the ancient events. If you need to find where to stay in Côte d'Or this is the place to book your hotel room. All of our rooms at good prices and so convenient for you. Choose the one you want from the list below, click on the picture or the text link for more information and to check availability.

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Small picture of Hôtel et Caves des Paulands
Rooms from 90.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.70 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.70

Route Nationale 74, Ladoix Serrigny


The perfect place for that special holiday away where you can settle in and totally relax for as long as you wish. Set in the heart of the Burgundy region right in the middle of the vineyards - absolutely wonderful location! A warm and hearty welcome awaits all our guests.

Small picture of Hôtel des Allées
Rooms from 56.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.65 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.65

27 Cours Général De Gaulle


We welcome you warmly to our most beautiful town - filled with ancient streets and quint shops. Providing you with a cosy and comfortable place to stay - whether you are passing through or wishing to stay a while and discover the glorious countryside around and about.

Small picture of Hôtel Bonsai Escale Dijon
Rooms from 35.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 3.05 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.05

Zone d'Activités Acti Sud


A most delightful place to base yourself, just a short drive from the centre of Dijon, the former capital of Burgundy. A place of comfort and charm where you can rest your head after a long drive. A warm welcome from our dedicated and professional team of staff.

Small picture of Kyriad Beaune
Rooms from 60.00 EUR

Guest Rating: 4.14 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.14

Av. Charles de Gaulle


Offering a convenient and charming location for your stop over here in Beaune - whether you are simply passing through or wish to stay a few days, we are a very good base for enjoying the town and surrounding countryside. Friendly environment with all mod cons.