Cancellation Policy for Bookings made with Hotels in France Ltd

Since 2001 we have been helping people to book hotels in Europe. Sometimes when you book you may need to cancel your reservation. When you have booked online with Hotels in France Ltd, you will have received a booking confirmation by email. Use this email to cancel your reservation online.

How do I cancel?

If you look on your email confirmation you will see several sections. There is one section on it which has a link to our cancellation service. Click on it.

Once you have the cancellation page on your screen you will have to input details from the confirmation email into the form provided. The process is pretty self explanatory.

I can't find the email to cancel. What do I do now?

Phone us on: +44 (0) 1904 338885. We will do the best we can to serve you. Please try to ensure it is on a weekday, at a reasonable hour of the G.M.T. day.

The cancellation policy for each hotel may vary.

Each of out thousands of hotels have their own hotel policy. For cancellation with us you should have that policy on your email. However, please make sure you check on the policy through the booking process. If you have not cancelled your booking (usually this is at least one day in advance of your arrival, but this varies for each hotel) you may be charged for some or all of your stay.

You will get a confirmation of your cancellation

As with booking, so cancellation have a confirmation as well. This will be sent to you to assure you our contract with you has been terminated. Please ensure the cancellation has been made within the terms of the policy otherwise you may still be charged. There are also some rooms and some hotels which do not allow you to cancel. These hotels give special rates for these rooms, but you can not get a refund if you don't show or want to cancel. This should be made clear to you through the booking process and the email we sent to you.

If you do not recieve a confirmation of your booking it may not have been cancelled. This means you may still be charged. Call us if you have not got a cancellation confirmation email. +44 (0) 1904 338885