Hôtel du Parc Pontarlier 1 Rue du Moulin Parnet

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All our ensuite rooms are cosy, comfortable and provide you with a place of peace and quiet. As you travel through the green routes, visit for a ski-ing holiday or simply base yourself here and enjoy the sites, attractions and delights in the town and surrounding countryside, you are made to feel at home and most welcome.

Pleasant decor, fresh feel and plants to give a vibrant effect. Not far from the Swiss border and close to the Jura region where much of the best ski-ing takes place. There's a good social scene in the town with an abundance of cafe bars, restaurants and plenty of shops - treat yourself and have fun with friends as you take long leisurely lunches and soak up the atmosphere.

About 3km and you are at the Chateau de Joux - dating back to the 10th century is well worth a visit. Musee Municipal is home to ancient artefacts and there's a lovely natural park where you can take a stroll and contemplate a while.

Lots of sporting options in the summer time with kayaking, canoing, fishing, walking, cycling, tennis, golfing, swimming, touring the countryside and making the most of the scenery as you enjoy picnics and photography with your loved ones.


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