Hôtel Le Sévigné Aix-les-Bains 1 Rue Lamartine

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A place of beauty and tranquillity where you are sure to find peace and harmony. All our ensuite rooms are filled with warmth and comfort, colour and cushions and make for a restful place to be. All modern amenities and facilities for your ease.

Take time to enjoy your breakfast in the morning and enjoy coffee in our shaded garden. Ponder your day ahead but don't think too hard because this is a place of rest, recuperation and regeneration. People from all over the world come here to be healed by the waters - to drink them and to bath in them. Going back over the centuries this town has been visited by Queen Victoria, Napoleon's sister Pauline and his lover Josephine who knew the benefits of taking these waters - how else would they remain so beautiful and such strong women in history!

The French health system has bestowed this gift upon all its retired residents of the country and pays for trips and visits that benefit the older community, giving them the chance to bath and drink the healing waters here.

Life is peaceful and serene here - take time to walk, perhaps do some cycling and take a picnic, rest under the shade of the trees and soak up the sunshine as you catch up on that novel, finish that puzzle or read the latest magazine. Enjoy and relax.

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