Hôtel Quic-en-Groigne Saint-Malo 8 Rue d'Estrées

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Providing you with a place of peace and tranquillity as you land in France - St Malo is so much more than a Ferry Port and there's a number of surprises and options in store. Firstly we provide ensuite rooms for couples and families with all the modern amenities you will require. Whether you are visiting for the weekend, a few days or just the first night in France - you will be taken very good care of.

Relax and unwind and refresh yourself - take a stroll around the Harbour and view the boats and fishermen. Treat yourself to some shopping - there's plenty to choose from here - several streets filled with boutiques, fashion houses and jewellers, gifts and accessories. A popular spot with Channel Islanders and day trippers from the UK.

There are a good number of museums worth visiting - the Museum of History of St Malo, the Musee du Long Cours Cap Hornier and Musee Jacques Cartier.

For some family fun - head to the Grand Aquarium where you can view the tropical fish life and plants - educational and interesting for all ages.

Take a wander in the parc de Loisirs where the kids can let off a bit of steam and you can relax a while as you breath in the sea air and enjoy quality time together.

Evenings are best spent wining and dining, perhaps a visit to the Casino and if you feel like there's dancing and bars for a livelier social scene.


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