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Promenade des Anglais Nice French Riviera Attractions

The south of France became a major English tourist destination and Nice was and is still a hot spot. By the early XIXth Century, the English presence had become so pronounced that areas of the city were named after them. One of which is the Promenade des Anglais that runs the full length of Nice's oceanfront, otherwise known as the Bay des Anges. You can do and find almost everything as you walk up and down it. You will come across people jogging or roller-skating. At night, the Promenade really comes to life.


The promenade was built in 1820 as a two-metre wide path. We must thank a reverend called Lewis Way, who spent his winter months here for it and wanted something for his afternoon exercise. Palm trees and flowers were planted all along it to add colour and character. It grew and developed into what you see today. All along its course, you are able to pick up one of its famed blue chairs and sit to enjoy the sun, views and chatter. Sadly, Nice's beaches are rocky not sandy, of which there are both private and public ones, the former of which you need to pay to enter, but get access to a lot of amenities. The promenade officially begins at the Jardin Albert I and ends at the airport.

The little trains are a marvelous way to see the sites without having to walk to far

The Heart of Nice

It is the place to find hotels and cafes. But, if you are looking for museums, do not fret, they are nearby. The Promenade des Anglais is the centre of many things in Nice, because so many people enjoy spending hours and days here. Go to the Avenue des Baumettes to visit the Museum des Beaux Arts, or stop by the Museum Massena near the Rue de France. Depending on what time of the year you come, you might get run over by colourful cars getting ready for the 'Ville de Nice' road race.

The lapping waves and cooling breeze on a morning and evening make this a great place to prmenade indeed

Most Impressive

The most impressive hotels date from the early XXth Century, but the most famous one is the Hotel Negresco that occupies a prime position on the Promenade. Its large dark dome dominates the skyline, but it is out of most people's price range. A Rumanian immigrant, Henri Negresco, built it in 1912. He was the director of the city's casino and rubbed shoulders with the very rich and powerful, such as the Rockefellers. He soon hit on the idea of building a hotel for this clientele, but when World War I started, the hotel was requisitioned as a hospital and he lost everything. During the 1920s, business picked up as the Americans arrived. It was designated a National monument in 2003. Everything about it is grandly ostentatious; you have crystal chandeliers and replicas of major art pieces.

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